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Writing Therapy

Updated: Sep 20, 2021

Writing can be therapeutic for me.. and since I'm not a world famous author you guys get to be my audience!

As you know if you read my last update I've been feeling very upbeat and optimistic lately but today was a bit of a downer. And I'm sad about it. So here I go typing away...

I went for my orthopedic checkup in Memphis today. It was a very long day because they are making up for the snow days and I sat in the waiting room for FOUR hours. That in itself is an experience because 80% of the people who come to the trauma center do not have insurance so you see the walk of life that has LESS. I'm amazed at the people there who don't even have SHOES! Yes on a cold day like today people came walking in there in flimsy slippers. It sure makes you feel grateful for what you have.

Finally it was my turn and my x-rays unfortunately showed no signs of healing. I'm unsure what this really means except they gave me hope by saying it could just be a bit early yet. But I could tell on the way they talked (yes I guess I am giving myself the title of mind reader these days...) that this was not exactly what they had hoped for. I walked out of there with a prescription for Vitamin D (which is to promote bone healing) and blood thinner to be taken twice per day as good blood supply apparently is essential for healing.

I don't know if this is a woman thing to do but on the inside I felt as if I somehow had failed. I kept thinking that maybe I'm not doing something right. Maybe I'm not working hard enough or maybe I'm not believing enough... The smart part of my brain (if there is such a piece up there?) tells me this is nonsense, but yet the thoughts sneak in as an uninvited houseguest.

Next month we are going to visit my friend Karen at the beach and I'm so very looking forward to it. Her and her family have always been there for Ty and I and she's very, very special to me. It will be soothing for the soul and body to spend time together. And Lucy and her daughter have an amazing friendship that I hope will last a lifetime.

Thanks for listening friends. Knowing you are there helps me very much.

Love S.

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