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Chickens, Bones, and Boots

My life has changed so much. It’s (almost) my full time job to get back on my feet.

I went to Memphis and the X-rays still saw no sign of healing and therefore no bone growth. But this doctor (I see students at the Med each time) was MUCH more positive. She said that with me being a female it was not all that unusual to not see bone growth yet. Sh

e did not mention the fact that I’m 47 years old but I’m sure that plays a role in it too. I’m not exactly a spring chicken ! What she DID say was that I have a titanium rod that will hold me up and to start putting pressure on my foot. That in turn will increase blood flow and hopefully cook me up some much wanted bone !!!

So guess what I’m doing? I’m putting pressure left and right. I’m walking in my 3D boot (h-e-a-v-y!!!!!) and crutches. I go to PT - shout out to Jason Armstrong @ Elite Therapy in Oxford for being beyond fantastic!! And I train at home most days! I’ve lost 6 lbs since I (sort of) got on my feet/boot again because I’m so active!

My foot still doesn’t have much feeling, it looks... well I can’t describe it... and I have next to no movement (a few millimeters) but with the boot and the crutches I can move around! Heaven on earth - don’t take it for granted!

I still sometimes cry myself to sleep although it’s now more rare that I allow this self pity to take over. I don’t cry because it looks slightly grotesque (to some) but mainly I cry because sometimes at night when I can’t sleep I just feel very scared. Scared because I’ve seen how quickly things can change in life and I worry what is next? Will a meteor land on our house? Will my heart stop beating in the night? And sometimes I cry a little because I fear that I may never hike the mountains in Norway again and the thought just... ugh it gets me I’m afraid (no pun intended!)

But I’m moving forward!!! Thank you for being my friends and my ANGELS - I could NOT do what I’m doing right now without all of you. My heart is full of love and optimism (and a tiny bit of fear.)

Those were the days...hiking Norway

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