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Speaking Engagements


If you need someone extraordinary on topics such as motivation and resilience, you’ve come to the right place.


Audiences relate to Siri’s inspiring messages which drive results, teach us to use change to our advantage and deliver hope to anyone she meets. Whether you’re looking to motivate hundreds in a bigger venue, smaller groups in the boardroom or staff in your department, she will not only encourage your audience to thrive in a changing environment, but will show us how to live all aspects of our lives with passion and gratitude.


With an extensive background in business, banking and fitness, she is passionate about promoting healthy, productive lives and wants everyone to realize their inner potential to contribute to those around us as well as growing confidence in the self.


Siri delivers a diverse and positive massage on how each of us can thrive and improve our surroundings and she has a way of showing her audience how to make things that don’t go as planned part of the plan.

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