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Interview Coaching


Today’s job market is incredibly competitive and Siri is uniquely qualified to guide you through these turbulent waters.

Did you know that most interviewers decide a candidate’s suitability less than 15 minutes into the interview? Making a strong first impressions is simply a must in today's environment and you need to stand out from the pack in a positive way.

Performing well under pressure is a necessity during an interview and both your verbal and your non-verbal performance will form a basis for the interviewer's opinion of you and your fit with the company. 

Whatever your blind spots may be, you will be unaware of them as you move from interview to interview — and no one will ever tell you. Even just one coaching session with Siri can make the difference whether you get an offer or not as she draws from her experience from having interviewed hundreds of candidates. 

Your interview coaching package with Siri includes:

  • One-on-one mock interview session with feedback

  • Analysis of your verbal and non-verbal performance

  • Learn how to answer interview questions most effectively — including how to answer the hardest questions

  • Guidance on how to sell yourself

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