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Home to Happy Lane

I wanted to share with you today's events because I have good news!! Yesterday was my 10th day of antibiotics for the C-Diff infection and today I tested NEGATIVE!!! This means that I am scheduled for surgery tomorrow. Typically I would not be excited about surgery as I've had mixed experiences (ok to put it mildly I felt traumatized after my last one which lasted 14 hours!) - but today I AM excited because this means I will be able to go home to Happy Lane "by the end of the week" (I'm not 100% sure which day that is... Friday? Sunday? We will see...)

This surgery is a skin graft where they will take skin from my upper thigh and use it to close the three open wounds in my leg.

Once I'm home I will be on complete bed rest until we know that my body has accepted the skin flap. That will be followed by physical therapy and a couple of more surgeries. The focus right now is 1) the skin flap and 2) not developing drop foot... it's started but we have to ignore it for now as my skin flap needs all the love and attention.

In other news I am overwhelmed, overcome, moved, dazed, astonished and just overtaken by the love and support that is being shown to me. I feel incredibly lucky to be able to see how exactly beautiful this world and its people can be. So THANK YOU to ALL of you who are walking this walk with me. I'm the luckiest girl on the planet to have been shown so much encouragement and help!

Today my sweet Andrea arrived here in Memphis for the second time and I may have a leg that is a complete mess for the time being but I have a heart that is full <3

It feels like Christmas came early!

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