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Spaceships & Training

Today I'm doing an update because I'm simply beaming with excitement and happiness! I've really felt like this lately but wanted to make sure it somewhat "stuck" before I said anything (I can be slightly bipolar at times*). But I just feel so happy about the way things are going and about the prospect of the future that I nearly want to pop!

Two things that have surely helped me is that 1) I've started a training regiment and 2) I've started physical therapy. The way I look at it is that one I'm doing specifically for my leg and the other I'm doing for the rest of me. And BOTH I'm doing for my emotional well being.

In addition to being an ex-banker (and ex-strawberry-picker and ex-gas-station-attendant) I'm also an ex-bodybuilder and I have my personal training certificate. My friend Jenny who recently visited me is a personal trainer for NASA and together we came up with a program that I have now completed three times this first week! I've decided to start training others again as well so if you're in the Oxford area and would like to train with me, shoot me a message! I figure it would be crazy not to share this joy and the way I see it this makes me more well rounded as a trainer.

For physical therapy I went to Memphis on the 23. but quickly realized I wanted to work with someone closer and also someone who has a vested interest in me so who better than my husband's friend Jason Armstrong of Elite Physical Therapy here in Oxford. I went to my first session with him yesterday and I'm thrilled!!! He is no nonsense, knowledgeable and kind all wrapped into one. His wife Tami is a RN and they truly are a dynamic duo I hope to see lots of in the months to come! This coming Tuesday I go back to orthopedic in Memphis and hope to make this PT transfer official.

All in all I've not been happier in a long time. I have a sexy husband, top notch friends, a loving family and however you may look at it, I have my HEALTH!! And I believe the best support system a girl could ever ask for! The world truly is my oyster (& hopefully yours too! I'll share!) Please share my story if you know of anyone who needs a lift because this is ALL positive I assure you!

*I am not making fun of bipolar as I'm very aware this is a real disease. I have at times in my life danced on this border.

Lucy is my favorite cheerleader ❤️

No problem with a NASA personal trainer

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