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Skinny Jeans and Heels

I have two pair of pants and one pair of shoes (or SHOE) I've been able to wear... so today Ty took me shopping. I got three pair of wide legged pants and one pair of shoes. I almost wanted to ask if I could buy one shoe as I won't need the other but such is life.

Our home is a small one so there is not much room; however I just couldn't get myself to throw out any of the 20+ pair of heels I have. Nor did I have the heart to look at my 12 pair of skinny jeans even though 99% chance I will never be able to wear heels or skinny jeans again.

Siri is going to have to find a new style and baggy pants with flat shoes does not sound anywhere near as fun (or sexy?) as skinny jeans and heels

When all my clearance H&M items (wow can you get some awesome prices there!!!) were put up I felt excited about having options when getting dressed in the morning. And then I shed three (or maybe seven) tears at the thought of how things have changed.

The realization there is a possibility my foot will not "take" and I could end up with a prosthetic has hit me hard. But I'm keeping the faith and trying to not think of this as a waiting period but rather days of LIFE that deserve to be appreciated for their own beauty. Please send good thoughts for 2/27 when I go for new X-rays in the hope of seeing bone growth

Today I'm attaching a picture of when I was strong on the OUTSIDE - trying to channel this strength to my current INSIDE!

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