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Setbacks...Be Gone

Updated: Sep 20, 2021

Honestly I'm writing too much lately but I just can't help it. I don't do well with set backs and yesterday and today I've had two so here I am in bed feeling a tad helpless when I logged into my Go Fund Me account and... wow... just wow!!!

It's UNBEARABLE the amount of people who believe in me and who are supporting me! Tyler and Michelle McArthur from Texas for example. Ty and I were in Memphis one time when we met this beautiful couple and got to talking because all of a sudden there were TWO handsome bearded Tys in the same room!! It was a brief meeting of humans on a small spot on the planet and here they are many months later supporting me! Then we have Toni Dunn Izon'Fiya who I've never met in person. She was referred to me by a mutual acquaintance as someone also interested in the fitness lifestyle and somehow we hit it off via Messenger - trading our thoughts on living the healthy lifestyle and anything else that came to mind. I knew right away she was a one of a kind soul. And here I am years later and she still thinks of me!!

Of course I can go on and on because there are SO many people and SO many stories and I'm literally crying typing this because I am so touched and so overwhelmed with thankfulness

So setbacks be gone - you mean nothing to me in the face of all this kindness!!!

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