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Care and Support

My Angels started this campaign for me yesterday and I think we are all blown away by all the support from near and far. People I've talked with today told me I sound like a new person. I think it's because it's overwhelming and touching to see how many people CARE!!

The doctors usually come by once a day and typically around 7 a.m. Today they didn't show up until 5 p.m. which was nerve wrecking because I always wonder if something is wrong. My report for today is that my skin flap looks GREAT! This is a little odd to me as I have three openings that go directly into my leg and I'm just looking at raw meat! Gross!! But today I finished my 10 days of antibiotics so I'm about to test to see if my C-Diff infection is gone. I will have the answer in one or one and a half days. If I test negative I will perhaps get my skin graft surgery on Wednesday and be home by Christmas. If I test positive they will put me on another 14 day antibiotics cure but they may still send me home for Christmas and then I will have to come back!

Another thing that made my day today was that my friend Rachel contacted a salon here in Memphis and a lady showed up in my hospital room at 1 p.m. who gave me a mini facial and washed and dried my hair! I feel like a woman!!

All the events of the past few weeks have traumatized me but last night I spent the night here for the first time alone. Ty got to go home and spend the night with his Lucy and took her to school this morning, had lunch with her and then came back here to be with me. I missed him but feel proud (mixed with feeling like a baby :/) that I made it with no panic attacks!

Here is a picture of me with my hair done - the blanket over me is made of paper and blows constant hot air onto my leg to make the skin flap "stick"! Much love to all and I can not describe how grateful I am to all of you <3

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