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Getting Back to Normal...or Trying To

So today reality is sinking in... my daughter left this morning to go back to work tomorrow and Ty is getting back to his normal. Which means I'm alone home.

I started out with "Siri you're going to have a great attitude!" to... bawling and crying my eyes out for 20 minutes. Lucy tried to comfort me and said "Siri you always take care of us, it's our turn to take care of you!" (as she was brushing my hair.)

Since I pretty much require around the clock care I have friends coming in from the beach tomorrow and I have a friend flying in from Maryland after they leave. I can of course be by myself for a few hours but just like now (as I'm writing this) I'm freezing but I have no way of getting warmer aside from calling Ty and making him come home. Which I'm bound and determined not to do.

The day started in tears but I'm slowly turning it around.

Thank you for your support! I'll be going to Memphis Thursday to remove the dressing covering my skin grafts (I'm itching to pull it off as I'm so worried about infection... #BrainNeverStops)

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