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Siri's Story

Updated: Sep 15, 2022

Siri's leg was severely injured in a freak ATV accident on Thanksgiving Day and she has now been inthe hospital 24 days (12/17/17). We - Siri's Angels - are hoping you will help us help Siri!

Siri has worked tirelessly as a banker her whole life and as a single mom put her daughter through college. She had recently given up her 20+ year banking career to marry the man of her dreams and was in the process of filling out paperwork for insurance.

Due to the multiple compound fractures Siri was airlifted to one of the best trauma centers in the nation - the Elvis Presley Trauma Center in Memphis (Regional One Health) - where she has endured 5 surgeries already (the longest lasting 14 hours).


Siri was scheduled for the 6th surgery but has suffered a few set backs along the way. One set back is that she is currently fighting a C-Diff infection and as of today we still don't have a date for surgery as the doctors want to make sure her immune system is strong enough to make the surgery a success.

Another set back was that whereas the normal person has three large blood arteries in each leg, we found out Siri only has ONE in each leg. And the one she had in her right leg was acutely injured in the accident.

Siri's leg was basically severed in two and she's had three teams of surgeons working on her (the orthopedic team, the plastic surgery team and the vascular team). She has multiple screws and plates in her leg that will need more surgery in the future and in an attempt to save her leg, the doctors have had to do a skin flap (where healthy skin and tissue was detached from her upper thigh and moved to "glue" her foot back to her leg.) The skin flap contains skin, fat, and muscle.


The last surgery for the time being is to do a skin graft to cover up three openings still in her leg. It will be up to 90 days before we know if her body will accept or reject the skin flap and during that time she is on COMPLETE bed rest and will require 24 hour care. If all goes well the following 90 days will be used to try to give her mobility back!

We know Siri is a fighter and we are so proud of her and hope you will help us help her (she's not one to ask herself!)


The costs are going to be tremendous

Our goal is to help pay for the things that she will have to pay for out of pocket ASIDE from the hospital bill such as airlift, the orthopedic equipment needed, medications, sitters and physical therapy that will be CRUCIAL to get Siri walking again.

A few of the costs are listed below:

1. AIRLIFT: the airlift bill is $26,500. Fortunately a charity has agreed to pay $13,250 but she still needs to pay the remaining $13,250.

2. ORTHOPEDIC EQUIPMENT: a friend has generously offered to let her borrow a wheelchair and a walker but Siri will still need braces, leg lifter, bedding and bath equipment which will cost a few thousands.

3. PHYSICAL THERAPY: Physical therapy for 12 weeks is estimated at a minimum $1,500 but could easily be more.

4. MEDICINE: Siri is on a multitude of medications now (for pain, nerve damage, blood thinners, muscle relief etc)

5. AND SO ON: Of course there are going to be many more expenses: the hospital (average cost $10,000 per day), the surgeons fees (), loss of income for Ty who has had to set aside parts of his work to aid his wife, loss for Siri who trains clients and does bookkeeping for a few businesses that now will have to be handled by someone else, and loss of income for her daughter who plans to take a partial leave from her job to help her mom. With 24 hour care needed Siri will most likely need a sitter at least a couple of days per week +++


We need to raise $30,000 which is why we've created a GoFundMe for Siri: If you could support our GoFundMe by making a donation and then sharing it with your network, we would greatly appreciate it.

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