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A New Year

So I've failed to give much of an update lately and for that I apologize. I had my Memphis visit on Thursday and got a great report. The doctor told me that my free flap is healing as good as it possibly can at this point but he seemed concerned about my hanging foot and told me to see orthopedic next week. I asked if that meant he'd be open to a boot and he said YES I'm VERY excited to see orthopedic now!

At this point my leg "is what it is" in terms of the way it looks. And to be honest it looks sort of grotesque. It's almost like a pig's snout coming out of my ankle + what you've seen in pictures. Some people feel slightly nauseous when they see it. But in six months they can hopefully do some work to improve the appearance of it all.

My woman-like-to-feel-pretty self esteem is very close to bottom. I no longer feel attractive what so ever.

My husband takes care of my every need but I think he's worn out by it all too and probably has many stressors he won't share with me because he knows I have enough to worry about. I know how we handle this will be very important to our future relationship but right now we are both dealing with each our issues albeit they all stem from the same thing - this accident.

It's a new year tomorrow and I have five friends visiting me from the beach. They cheer us on, cook, laugh and cry along side us. 2017 was such a great year for me. In summary physically I'm progressing great, mentally I'm struggling. Thank you for all your support - it has been invaluable in my recovery.

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