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So I have spent my first night here at home and it's been a mixed bag. Our little home is definitely not made for the handicapped so the wheelchair sits unused and my bedsores are screaming at the sofa.

Since we are approaching the holidays most medical supply stores are closed but Ty is going to try to get me a hospital type bed once they open back up.

It's VERY hard to sit still and being confined to one spot on the sofa and knowing that I'm not to move much for 90 days. It would be so much better if I was able to start rehabbing because I would feel as if I was actually doing something. Now I often catch myself worrying about the future and if I'm going to be myself again. But seeing all your kindness reminds me that self pity is not the way to go and that bedrest actually IS doing something because it's what my body needs to get better.

I've already had people come by and see me (thank you Matt!) and got this wonderful card from lots of my Oxford friends! And Lucy got my favorite candy made into shish-kabob!!

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