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Siri's Angels

(Posted by: Marci Simmons)

Us "Angels" just spoke with Siri and she is sounding like a new person! There was so much joy in her voice and it was evident that this was not the same person we spoke with yesterday. When this first happened Siri handled it so well. She said that all the support and kindness outshone the accident. However as the weeks have gone by and she has had to tackle various setback, the usual Siri buoyancy has turned more melancholy. But just since we launched this page today, her good spirit has been on the rise! Seeing all the support and love has given her a second wind and she just assured us that she is going to give everything her absolute best!! We will be updating you on her progress physically and also on how she is feeling inside. This week might be a big one for Siri as she will find out (most likely) Tuesday if her infection is gone so that she can have her 6th surgery! PS: She just sent us this picture where she is giving all of YOU a thumbs up to thank you for the support AND to celebrate that she is on a new mattress that will help with the bedsores she has started getting :)

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