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This is my new home for the 90 days I'm on bedrest (pictured)! At night Ty carries me like a bride to our bed. I kiss his neck every time he so kindly and cautiously makes sure my leg doesn't hit the narrow wall of our hallway.

If you've never been on bedrest you will probably not realize the emotional and practical challenges that go along with it. I've always strived to be a high achiever in whatever I do, I consider myself an athlete and I can promise you NO ONE with a full life wants to rest like this. My challenge now is to not resist it but to accept it and to make this time serve me well.

I'm consumed with worry regarding how much mobility I will have in my leg when all this is over. I'm frustrated with bed rest because for each day I don't use my foot, the weaker it seems to get. I MUST accept that the free flap comes first because without it I don't even HAVE a foot.

My CHALLENGE is to accept that bedrest IS doing something for me - it is part of HEALING. I promise to use this 90 day period NOT to worry about the future and what comes after but rather spend this time on becoming mentally stronger and appreciating all the good in my life!

Speaking of good, today I received a card in the mail from the National Football League (NFL) - Brad Allen Crew (see picture). They had heard of my accident and sent me a note that brightened my morning!

Thank you for your support! I've already used some of the money for orthopedic equipment and medication and I am eager to start rehabbing once this 3 month period is over. We have yet to receive the hospital bill and I'm unsure it will even FIT in the mailbox once we get it. And we're hoping to get some equipment that will actually fit in our house once the holidays are over.

I'll be back in Memphis Thursday for a check up and am hoping for a good report - that I'm infection free and that my skin grafts and free flap is healing well!

Hug your loved ones, Siri

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